I ran for Mayor in 2010 so I can get my ideas out there so we do not have to be taxed to death and get rid some taxes and run Toronto better them what it is.

A little about myself I live and worked in Etobicoke Lakeshore riding 45 years I work for Purolator  as a driver and I am a inventor and designer  I am 56 year old smart and down to earth and caring person and do not like to see people being stepped on.

Also I have family ties with the first former Minster of agriculture that was in the Ontario legislative assemble PC party

I watched Etobicoke Lakeshore change from big industry to condos where a lot of people lost there jobs from free trade.

I do not care for any political party as they are out there for themselves, they do not care about the people, sure they will offer you something that looks good to you, and they hope you will take the bait, as I am an independent candidate I have no Hitler boss just the great smart people that voted for me.

I will find and give solutions and not problems as we have enough problems to solve from Taxes to Employment, Education, Health, Housing, and maintaining  peoples needs and programs.

If the government can find and waste Billions of dollars on G20 summits and E-Health and Hydro they can find money for programs  that will benefit all of us.

Dalton McGuinty wanted to build the first hydrogen fuelled trains which it would be a waste of our tax money, I know, where I work we have a one 1 million dollar truck and a 4 million dollar hydrogen refuelling station the truck froze up and it cracked the fuel cells and lines after 3 months and the refuelling station is out of service, we should build electromagnetic trains not a hydrogen bomb trains on rails.

Here is a true Asshole from the PC party his name is Brian Mulroney that screwed up Canada, he introduced free trade to us most of Canadians lost their jobs and went to the United States of America and Mexico, and now free trade went to China which all countries is hurting now. China might as well own Canada because it has a lot of real state in Canada plus China is dumping there cheap quality products into Canada.

Here is another true Asshole from the Liberal party his name is Paul Martin he introduced the (GST) at 7% and told the people to brown bag your food putting some restaurants out of business he said you can buy 6 donuts without (GST) but if you buy one donut you will pay for the (GST) This guy is a real dough head, and I am not talking about money mean while he extorted a lot of money from us Canadians.

This true Asshole Dalton McGuinty from the Liberal party introduced the (HST) the Liberal party seems to love taxing people, hope the people flush this Asshole premier of Ontario down the toilet he looks like he had a good dump on us, showing the log he made for us.

The premier resigned from his post and the  premier flushing himself down the toilet.

Dalton McGuinty was probably a nice guy but did things without thinking  as well as other politician in every political party no matter if you are in municipal, provincial and federal government.


Do not let our politicians do this to us we are in enough shit as it is without dumping more shit on us. Like picking our pockets, spending wasting our tax money without our say on anything that the politicians come up with, we should all have a say in it.  

If you like to Email me its. john.letonja@yahoo.ca  or phone me at

647-785 5055 thanks.

The future is a upon us. We cannot think about the passed. Time to move on and to make our city pull a head, no matter what we do, we all do it for you. Make our city Great to be number one first rate .

Thanks for reading this and seeing this from John Letonja

If you can not beat them, join them to find solutions to our politicians problems. I know  I am a inexpensive problem solver there is allot of people out there that can not think for them self's but do not know how to solve the problems I will help you what any problems that  you have on anything you have here is my Phone number 647 -785 - 5055 or email at john.letonja@yahoo.ca

Hello my name is  John Letonja. I am going to run for city council as a city counsellor candidate in Toronto Etobicoke Lakeshore south ward 6 district riding. I like to be a shit disturber in a good way and give new ideas on how we can improve our well being and not wasting our tax money, and making new money without picking tax payers pockets, and not costing a lot of money to make new money, for new projects that we come up with. So all Toronto Governments can pay for itself. We have to change our thinking and our policies, we as politicians are suppose to help the people and improving services.  not hinder them like picking their pockets.

Here are some solutions I like to propose and implement.

#1 Definitely No New Taxes not from me anytime anywhere, its time to generate are own money to run the city.

#2  Get Rid of the Land Transfer Tax.

#3  Start a new referendum public forum and let the people vote and recommend on what council dose before implementing procedures  in your riding, and see who is voting on what ever the council and mayor comes up with, which you cannot see now. I will set this up for free not from Tax payers money.

#4  On Payment for New Purchase items, I would like to see a price laid is a price paid policy in Toronto what you see on the price tag is what you pay for, taxes are built in the receipt .

#5  Better Education and work shops in the community so adult and students can learn more and do more activities together all year long.

#6  On Transportation I will vote for no more fare hikes. For example Toronto Transit you can build inexpensive subway in Toronto by using single passage timeline tunnels instead of 334 million dollars it would cost less under 100 million dollars per kilometre.

There is a design flaw on LRT new street cars that  I have seen at the CNE that concerns me, people can get hurt and injured in the street cars that can cost Toronto millions of dollars in clams that will cost tax payer money which I would like to prevent  it from happening.

#7 Put a Stop on Over Estimating Property Taxes that will cause price inflation on home owners, rental property and housing.

#8  Promote New Companies to come to Toronto to create new Jobs and produce products for people in Canada and the world even if you have to give tax breaks to companies to come here.

#9 On building permits and recreational permits have cheaper permits, on sports fields as the fields are not being used enough and not being kicked off the field when the general public are using the field without a permit when the field is not being used the parks are for everyone to enjoy.

#10 Have better information and disaster relief centres not everyone has a radio and Television when the hydro power is out.

#11 On the Gardner Express Way I will show them how to save hundreds of millions of dollars and keeping  the highway and Toronto moving just by modifying and doing all the Gardner Express Way not just a portion of the highway for the same amount of money and less maintenance on the highway. If the highway needs to be taken down.

#12 I will work with any mayor or any counsellor no matter what personal problem they have as long as they have the best interest and benefit for Toronto not like some counsellors that cannot think about there job on how to improve Toronto well being.

#13 I will Propose to have elections every 4 year’s in all levels of Government Federal, Provencal, and municipal on the same day. And make it a public holiday, so we the public can study who we want to be in power, this will save a lot of tax payers money on all levels of Government.


Here are some more Solutions to our governments spending and making new money to pay for itself. Call me if you do not know how to do this I will teach you for free. Print new money and stop paying the interest on old money that was paid off along time ago and stop giving  money to countries that will not pay you back. Let their own countries print their own money. Lend them or give them products  that are made in Canada. Not money. Do not waste are tax money, on parties like the G20. Use the crown land that we have for mining, and forestry that the governments would own, and build new manufacturing plants for the products that we will produce here in Canada.  I do not mind if you spend are tax money on this, knowing that we will not be paying anymore new taxes later when you are making new money.

I like to Thank all the 592 people that voted for me on running for mayor, this is not bad for the first time and not promoting myself well at least Rob Ford took some of my ideas but I like to see Rob Ford do more for this city and run it like a business to make new money to pay for itself instead of taxing people.

I am not angry but confused why politicians can not find away to make new money to pay for infrastructures, they  just seem to like taxing use to get there money I wonder how much money do they want before we can not afford it.

This is how I feel about Toronto right now I am not a politician lover. Just imagine this, if you stacked all the politicians and made them into one big giant politician, and he is in front of Rogers center, and the lid opened up, the giant would think its a big giant toilet bowl with the CN tower as a multipurpose flush plunger and a toilet scrub brush. The moral of this story is the politicians do not give a shit about us but loves to flush us down the toilet.

Enough is Enough I am fed up its time we should do the right stuff, and flush these politicians back down the toilet. Get a real job if you can handle it.

Right on former 1999 city council its about time you did something right. You gave permission to a developer to build a  condominium behind the politicians Queens park legislative building.  Mr. Speaker was dethroned from his potty when he learned about the skyline. This condo would be interfering with our skyline on Queens park. You are lucky I am not the developer. I would build a beautiful elegant classy building where women and men can be pampered, and a steaming elegant water fall, and a beautiful pool with a fountain in it. I would even buy a suite for myself. But if you stand in front of Queens park looking at the building, you will see in the skyline a big fat ass pissing down steaming warm water landing on the parliament building, with an all in one ass cleaning toilet washing the ass. The moral of this story is if you the politicians dump shit on the people, the people will dump shit on you.